Author: Ertan Karpazli

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Uyghurs in Turkey hopeful, but helpless

“Kardeş kardeşi satmaz,”Rukiye Turdush, a Canada-based advocate for the persecuted Uyghur minority in China said, switching from her local Turkic dialect spoken in China’s western Xinjiang region to the Anatolian dialect spoken in Turkey. A brother does not sell out his brother. “Uyghurs never lose hope in Turkey. They strongly believe that sooner or later […]

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Europe’s forgotten Greek Muslims still suffer 120 years after exile

A community of ethnic Greek Muslims who were exiled from Greece to Syria in 1897 seek to return to their homeland in Crete. Yet despite presenting the deeds for properties seized by the Greek Orthodox Church 120 years ago, they once again find themselves victims of public resentment and institutional discrimination. “Wherever we go, we […]