Author: Ertanch Hidayettin

Family and friends at the funeral of Ramadan Ahmet, from Polemi, Baf/Paphos. Mr Ahmet went missing in Dec. 1963. He was buried on 2 Dec. 2016.
“Missing persons” – the tragedy of Cyprus

He was a giant of a man. Our gentle giant. “Uncle Pasha,” we called him. “Huriye, let us take the children for a ride. Gather them round,” he would call out to Auntie Huriye, his wife. We would jump in his shiny black Dodge he had recently purchased with screams of delight. I remember he […]

Umut Albayrak and Koulis Theodolou_London_concert_17Feb17
A small contribution to peace

My last wish When I die Is that you bury me in Cyprus Let my body be merged With the soil of my native land My head to my guts in the South My loins to my feet in the North Let me have two graves In the North and in the South For I […]

Genco Erkal_Union-Chapel_Yasama-Dair_19Jan17
Genco and Nâzım in church

On a bitterly cold January evening, I walk with trepidation towards a grand, imposing church. Why trepidation? Because I know the temperature inside this magnificent venue is not going to be that different from the outside; I spent many hours trembling inside Union Chapel attending union meetings. The choice of the venue is perhaps anathema […]

Children of the World

Another year has passed. We have arrived at 2017. A new dawn, or same old, same old? We always complain that the year has passed too fast. Really, we are expressing fear of our approaching old age. Ask the children of the world if the year has passed too fast. Those children who are dodging […]

Jo Cox

In the blink of an eye she was taken away from us. Years of compassion, dedication, courage gone. Two little children denied of a wonderful mum, her husband of a cheerful, compassionate partner. Why is it that the impact of the death of certain people is so much more profound? I did not know Jo […]

Dr. Tözün İsa, my friend

I heard the bad news on a cold November night. 17th November 2015 to be exact. Two friends had gone to see him at Croydon Hospital. They rang to tell me in floods of tears that we had lost him. I had visited him a few days before, and was planning to go and see […]

Yet Again We March_ErtancH
Yet again we march

Yet again we march. With arthiritic knees, painful backs, we march on. What are these compared to the suffering of refugees, victims of wars, destruction. Victims of Western foreign policy, western greed.   We march to demand compassion, justice and humanity for refugees. Refugees, facing inhumane treatment, at home and in Europe. The Europe where they thought they […]

Really sorry Aylan Kurdi

I sincerely apologise Aylan, but we shall forget you too. You, your brother Ghaleb, your mum. We shall forget you all. We human beings are like that. We forget all too easily. We have forgotten many children before you.   Do you remember those poor people who met a horrible death in an airless truck […]

Marching against racism

A bitterly cold March day. Only yesterday [Friday 20th], on a warm, sunny day I sat on a park bench at Ally Pally and watched little children feed the ducks. This is England. It is possible to witness a few seasons in a few day. I leave home, my wife’s warnings to be careful ringing […]

Positive action vs positive discrimination

One of the local Turkish language papers posed an important question for the Turkish speaking communities in Britain. “Are we actually united?” The paper, Londra Gazete/London Turkish Gazette is printed bilingually. In the main Turkish pages the question takes the form of “Are we really one?”Freudian slip, or lost in translation? Being “one” and being […]