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Review: The Telemachy – ‘Arman Mantella sparkles in this playful and gently provocative production’

It’s a hot balmy evening and we’re inside the airless Hackney Showroom to watch a preview performance of The Telemachy, an inventive new solo show inspired by Homer’s ancient Greek epic The Odyssey. This timeless tale about youth being side-lined by society is made more topical given the recent Brexit vote, but our rock ‘n’ […]

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‘The Telemachy’, starring budding young actor Arman Mantella, to tour Hackney, Camden and Edinburgh Fringe

A young North London actor of Turkish Cypriot heritage stars in The Telemachy, an intimate new theatre production inspired by The Odyssey. Arman Mantella plays a mysterious travelling poet who swaggers from London to Edinburgh with a case full of ancient stories. This enigmatic host delves into the famed mythologies of Odysseus, the original rock-and-roll […]

The Dramatic Turks set to stage new comedy ‘Ömer-Sinsi Servis’

A London Turkish drama group will be putting on its third production at Northumberland Park Community School in Tottenham on Saturday 16 April. Written and directed by Fatoş Törer, Ömer-Sinsi Servis is a light-hearted look at accessing emergency health care here in London from the perspective of the British Turkish community. The play is set […]

Theatre & Dance
Arcola Theatre to stage Savaşın Çocukları (Children of War)

Embroiled in civil war, the children of Syria are exiled from their home by a hostile regime. They flee from country to country in search of sanctuary, but every border is closed to them. What next? 2,400 years on from the premiere of Euripides’ The Children of Hercules, Arcola Ala-Turka stages an urgent new production […]

Theatre & Dance
New London play needs young male Turkish Cypriot actors

A British playwright is searching for London-based male actors of Turkish Cypriot heritage to take part in readings of her new play, The Gods are Playing Ninepins, in Hackney next month. Actress and writer Janie Booth will be holding two of the readings at the award-winning Rosemary Branch Theatre ( on 17th and 18th Feb. […]