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Locals fear Derinya border protest by far-right Greek Cypriots could lead to re-run of 1996 tragedy

On Sunday evening, while most Turkish Cypriots were focussing on the outcome of the first round of the Presidential Election in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, around 200 Greek Cypriot fascistshad assembled at the Derinya / Deryneiacheckpoint in Mağusa / Famagusta for an impromptu protest. The scenes on 11 October, captured on camera, show […]

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Mesut Özil declares support for Azerbaijan, as Kim Kardashian backs Armenia

Celebrities have waded in to the Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict by publicly siding with one of the two warring factions. Mesut Özil, his ex-Arsenal teammate Henrikh Mkhitaryan and reality TV star Kim Kardashian West have all issued statements on the dispute, which centres on Azerbaijan’s fight to liberate part of its territory. Nagorno-Karabakh is internationally recognised as […]

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America takes the lead in tackling Uyghur repression in China

China’s policy of repression against the Uyghurs continues, and finally the problem is on the global agenda. On May 27, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed the Uighur Human Rights Act to counter Beijing’s brutal oppression of Uyghurs and other national and religious minorities in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and elsewhere. Ahead of the vote […]

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Turkey condemns “systematic oppression” of Crimean Tatar Turks as Russia carries out fresh raids

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has condemned the latest abuse of Tatar Turks in Russian-occupied Crimea. On Monday morning, 31 August, the Crimean authorities raided the homes of Tatars, detaining an unspecified number of people. The action prompted the Turkish Foreign Ministry to issue a strongly-worded statement on the same day: “We are following with concern the […]

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EU announces €31 million aid programme for Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots are set to receive financial boost to the tune of €31.6 million to help towards the cost of key infrastructure projects and for environmental protection. The funding from the European Union is in addition to the €5 million that was approved earlier this year. The latest announcement, made by the EU Commission on […]