Free international money transfers until 31 May

Azimo, the digital money transfer company that is revolutionising the way we send money abroad, is offering T-VINE readers fee-free international money transfers for the next 10 days.

Yes, that’s right it costs *nothing* to send your money to Turkey, the TRNC or anywhere else in the world until the end of May! What’s more, the Azimo way of transferring means no more queues at banks or shops.

More and more of us now use mobile phones for financial transactions. To reflect this trend, Azimo has re-launched its Android and iOS mobile apps to make it even easier for us to transfer money worldwide – it can all be done in just a few swipes.

The Azimo app, with instructions in English and Turkish, offers lots of great extras too: family and friends can have peace of mind as the new app lets recipients know the status of their transfer through WhatsApp and other social networks. App users can use biometrics (login with fingerprint) for enhanced security, and can also instantly access Azimo’s customer services team for help.

And there’s more! Azimo customers who sign up their friends and family to the service both receive £10 credit after the new user makes their first transfer.

The company’s motto about money transfer is a ‘better way for a better world’ so download the Azimo app, or log online and use the code BETTERWORLD to make fee-free money transfers for the rest of May.