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North Cyprus halves quarantine time for UK travellers to seven days

There was some unexpected good news yesterday for Turkish Cypriots and others in Britain wanting to travel to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) this summer. The TRNC Contagious Diseases Supreme Committee (‘Bulaşıcı Hastalıklar Üst Komitesi’, CDSD) announced on Wednesday evening, 8 July, that the period of mandatory quarantine for those travelling from the UK […]

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Dr Pilli keeps TRNC borders open, tightens up rules of entry and enforcement

The Health Ministry of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) has confirmed the country’s borders are to remain open, and the existing system of risk categories are to remain in place. In a written statement issued late last night, Sunday 5 July, the Health Ministry set out the updated entry and exit arrangements for […]

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Is North Cyprus set to close its borders again after Council of Ministers give authority to Health Minister to act?

The Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus has issued a statement this evening annulling previous decisions about free entry into the country, while giving full authority on border issues to the Health Ministry. A fuller announcement on the new border arrangement is expected from the Health Minister Dr Ali Pilli later […]

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UK-Turkey air bridge confirmed for this summer

On Friday, the British government announced that people arriving from over fifty destinations from 10 July no longer need to self-isolate if they are coming to England. Among those listed is Turkey, which has already ended self-isolation for visitors from the United Kingdom, so essentially the two countries will have formed an “air bridge” when […]

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EU’s coronavirus ventilator aid arrives in North Cyprus 

Turkish Cypriots have received with vital medical equipment from the European Union  to help them fight against COVID-19. The European Commission, in close partnership with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in Cyprus, successfully delivered 10 ventilators to North Cyprus on Tuesday, 30 June. This batch of equipment is in addition to the 30 ventilators previously […]

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North Cyprus reveals coronavirus risk categories for all countries

The government of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) has confirmed the coronavirus risk category for all countries ahead of re-opening its borders to the world next week. All visitors have the right to enter North Cyprus from 1 July onwards, according to a Council of Ministers decree at the end of May. There […]

Guest Views
We owe British residents an apology

On June 23 at around 6pm a disabled woman in her 80s stood on the tarmac at Ercan Airport, supporting herself on crutches, heart heavy with the fear of deportation. She and her husband were one of a number of people who had been asked to step off the passenger transit bus by the police […]