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Ukraine triumphs in Eurovision thriller

As Eurovisions go, it appeared that Australia (yes, we know it’s not in Europe) had it sown up this year. Way out in front with votes from the juries of the participating countries, we were looking at a comprehensive Aussie win. Though Ukraine was picking up a few 12 points, Australia was more consistent with […]

Eurovision – it’s getting political

Now it’s getting tasty! The line-up for Eurovision 2016 is complete with the second semi-final revealing which countries are now locked in for the final this Saturday. I wonder how Russia (the favourites, remember), feel about Ukraine getting through with ‘1944’? This controversial song references the Tatar deportation by Stalin in 1944 and the song […]

Eurovision City aka Stockholm calling…

If you had one chance to spend Eurovision in any country, it would surely be Sweden and in particular Stockholm, wouldn’t it? The Swedes have got this Eurovision thing sussed. Winners of this most prestigious song contest umpteen times, no-one knows this contest better than the birthplace of the mighty Abba. And if you are […]