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Turkey tops Europe’s Covid-19 table after Health Minister shamed into telling real number of cases

Debates have been raging for weeks in Turkey about the extent of coronavirus infections and deaths, with the government resisting announcing the actual numbers. In September, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca was forced to admit that the daily statistics released were not the total number of infections, but for patients showing symptoms. The confession that the […]

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Turkey accused of “policy of impunity” after police officer acquitted in killing of student Kemal Kurkut

A court in Diyarbakır has found a police officer not guilty of killing Kemal Kurkurt, a young man shot dead during the Nevruz celebrations in 2017. The Diyarbakır Seventh Heavy Penal Court acquitted the policeman, identified only by his initials Y.Ş., despite overwhelming evidence disputing the officer’s defence that he and his colleagues were trying […]

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At least 22 dead after big earthquake hits Izmir and Aegean region

Officials have confirmed 20 people have been killed in Turkey along with two teenagers on the Greek island of Samos after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean region. The fatalities in Turkey were in the western province of Izmir, where over 780 people were also injured, with several in a critical condition. Dozens remain […]

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Turkish police seize 220 kilos of cocaine on board ship destined for Europe

An international tip-off and surveillance of suspects led to the discovery of a huge stash of cocaine on board a ship at Mersin Port, in southern Turkey, on Tuesday. According to local media reports, Turkish customs and police discovered 220 kilos of cocaine hidden among the ship’s declared cargo of A4 paper. The ship had […]

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How Azerbaijan will be able to dictate the terms of peace to Armenia

In war, the party with the most human potential and military equipment will succeed. Azerbaijan surpasses Armenia in all aspects. The population of Azerbaijan is five times larger than the population of Armenia, and its military budget exceeds the total budget of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army launched a military operation in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27. […]

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Saudi Arabia’s boycott of ‘Made in Turkey’ products starts to bite

Global clothing brands who produce garments and accessories in Turkey are having to rethink their operations after Saudi Arabia imposed a ban on all goods made in Turkey. Mango, M&S, and H&M are among those affected by the ban, according to a report by the Financial Times. A spokesperson for Spanish retailing giant Mango told […]