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TRNC Transport Minister Ünal Üstel confirms foreign students from South Africa can fly to Ercan Airport

The Transport Ministry for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) has stepped in to end confusion about whether international students can fly to Ercan Airport from countries with a major outbreak of mutant coronavirus. Foreign students from high risk countries, including South Africa, who are studying at TRNC universities are now explicitly included in […]

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North Cyprus Covid-19 entry rule changes also applicable to international students

Entry into the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) for international students travelling from areas with high levels of the mutant Covid-19 strain is now permissible. The confirmation came from the TRNC London Office after Malik Margan, a British non-Turkish Cypriot university student, queried if he could also return to North Cyprus to complete his […]

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Turkish Cypriot newspaper ‘Afrika’ changes its name and logo after being accused of racism

A left-wing newspaper in North Cyprus has reverted to its former name ‘Avrupa’ [‘Europe’] after African students accused the paper of “encouraging racism and stereotyping” for calling itself ‘Afrika’ and using a monkey in its logo. On Thursday, 25 June, the paper’s front page bore the new Avrupa masthead, complete with a new animal icon, […]