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Koray Alpergin: police make fresh arrest in kidnap and murder case

Detectives investigating the kidnap and murder of Koray Alpergin have made a further arrest. A 33-year-old man was detained on suspicion of kidnap and murder on Saturday, 17 December. He remains in custody at a South London police station. Popular Turkish DJ and businessman Koray Alpergin, aged 43, and his 33-year-old girlfriend, Gözde Dalbudak, were […]

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Why Azerbaijanis are protesting Russian peacekeepers on the Shusha-Lachin Road

Since the start of this week, members of the Azerbaijani public and environmental activists have been holding round-the-clock protests on the Lachin-Shusha Road, also known as the Lachin Corridor, against Russian troops. The protesters are objecting to the troops blocking access along this main road in the Karabakh region. The demonstrations, which started on 12 […]

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North Cyprus TV ad was one of UK’s most complained about adverts in 2022

A travel advert promoting North Cyprus as a travel destination was the third most complained about advert in Britain this year. The television advert, placed by the North Cyprus Tourist Board (NCTB), attracted 394 complaints, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The National Federation of (Greek) Cypriots had driven the anti-Turkish complaints campaign to […]

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German government immigration reforms to help thousands of Turks attain dual citizenship

The Social Democrat-led government has announced plans to overhaul Germany’s immigration system. The reforms would bring the country in line with European norms for naturalisation, while also allowing more skilled workers into Germany to fill major shortages in the labour market. Under the proposed changes, there will be a “transparent, unbureaucratic” points-based system for skilled […]

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Details for this year’s London vigil to commemorate Turkish Cypriots killed during ‘Bloody Christmas’

British Turkish Cypriot groups have confirmed that a vigil will again be held outside the Republic of Cyprus’s London High Commission to commemorate all those killed during the ‘Bloody Christmas’ attacks in Cyprus in December 1963. The British Turkish Cypriot Association (BTCA), Young Turkish Cypriots (Y.T.C.) and Embargoed! are organising the two-hour event on Wednesday […]

CTCA launches community fundraiser to help Turkish schools in London

The UK’s leading umbrella body for British Turkish Cypriots, the Council for Turkish Cypriot Associations UK (CTCA), has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to support supplementary Turkish language and culture schools in London. The campaign aims to raise £3,500, with the money put towards a host of vital needs for the schools, from […]

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Introducing Turkiye’s new ambassadors to London and Lefkoşa, Osman Koray Ertaş and Metin Feyzioğlu

In October, Turkiye’s Foreign Ministry announced new appointments to a host of its embassies worldwide, including those in London and Lefkoşa. The outgoing Turkish ambassador to Britain, Ambassador Ümit Yalçın, is being replaced by Ambassador Osman Koray Ertaş, while Ambassador Ali Murat Başçeri’s replacement in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Metin Feyzioğlu, has already […]

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Ugly scenes as Turkish police crackdown on women protesting against violence

Thousands of women across Turkiye took part in the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls on Friday, 25 November. Yet for some, their attempts at peaceful protest were met with a heavy-handed and violent response from police in several districts. In Istanbul, despite it being a tradition to assemble […]