Bağlama virtuoso Coşkun Karademir and tanbur master Özer Özel to perform in London and Ireland

Anatolia is the home of some of the world’s oldest civilisations and a land of heartfelt musical expression. Its current inhabitants draw on the languages, drawings, and culture of multiple tribes that have settled there.

Two virtuosos, tanbur master Özer Özel and bağlama master Coşkun Karademir, come together to present their interpretation of Anatolia’s rich musical history. Their repertoire reflects traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

As a child Coşkun Karademir was captivated by the sounds of Anatolia’s iconic folk lute, the bağlama. Today, he fills his art with the mystical sounds of his beloved homeland and brings it to the world stage.

The award-winning artist has performed under many guises including as the ‘CK Quartet’ and ‘The Secret Ensemble.

He is joined on stage in London and Ireland by Özer Özel, who is renowned for his mastery of the tanbur, a fretted string instrument from Ottoman times. One of the best tanbur players alive, Özel shares his expertise with workshops, lectures and master classes at the Yıldız Technical University.

Catch them live at St. Cyprian’s Clarence Gate in Marylebone, London, on Saturday, and St Mary’s Church in Dublin on Monday.

Concert details

Title: Love of Sounds by Coskun Karademir & Ozer Opel


Date: Saturday 16 November 2019

Time: Doors open 6pm – concert starts 7pm

Venue: St. Cyprian’s Clarence Gate, Glenworth Street, Marylebone, London NW1 6AX

Tickets: £10 – book online from here.


Date: Monday 18 November 2019

Time: Doors open 6pm – concert starts 7pm

Venue: St. Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Haddington Road, Dublin 4, Dublin

Tickets: Free but prior booking required. Register online.