Calling British Turkish Cypriots: help needed for new University of London research


If you are a British citizen of Turkish Cypriot heritage currently living in the UK, the University of London needs to hear from you! The university is currently conducting important research into ethnic minorities and their interest in politics, both domestic and in their ‘homelands’.

The research is open to everyone of Turkish Cypriot origin who holds British citizenship. That includes those born in Cyprus, and British nationals whose immediate family hail from the Mediterranean island.

The University of London need as many British adults from the Turkish Cypriot community as possible to complete the short online questionnaire, which will take no more than 5 minutes.

Mustafa Kureyşi, of the Cezirye Association, is helping the university with its community outreach. He told T-VINE:

“It’s a simple questionnaire and I have just over a week to get at least a sample of 100 participants, male and female, of various ages from the community. So if people can complete for themselves and then help their parents or grandparents to do the same that would be great.”

The respondents are anonymous so they can complete in confidence. To complete, please click here.