Eurovision City aka Stockholm calling…

If you had one chance to spend Eurovision in any country, it would surely be Sweden and in particular Stockholm, wouldn’t it?

The Swedes have got this Eurovision thing sussed. Winners of this most prestigious song contest umpteen times, no-one knows this contest better than the birthplace of the mighty Abba.

And if you are a Eurovision geek like me (though not as hard-core as many here this week) you would absolutely lap this atmosphere up. The city is festooned in flags, colour and a vibrant buzz reminiscent of London 2012 and the Olympics.

Eurovision2016_SuzanNuriNumerous parties are taking place pre-contest and momentum is building for the main event this Saturday.

The Eurovision village is up and running with free entertainment on stage, with even a surprise appearance by the Russian favourite this year, Sergey Lazarev.

This year we have a Turkish participant – Serhat – representing San Marino. And Azerbaijan are hoping for another win with Samra. UK’s Joe & Jake mean well, but they look like six formers who just left school.

My personal fave is France’s Amir this year and Spain’s Barei, but Eurovision juries and votes are a peculiar thing.

Nevertheless, the countdown to the big day continues with participating countries all hoping they have the winning song this year. Watch this space for more soon!

Main photo: Suzanne Nuri posing in Stockholm