I need a holiday… after my holiday

Every year we come back from our summer holiday in the Motherland complaining about how we need another holiday to recover.

It all starts with expensive plane tickets. We complain how much we paid for them, yet still fork out hundreds of pounds for a budget flight – mishhhhh.

80% of the holiday is spent in the village seeing family in 40º heat, while being force-fed every hour. If you have the courage to book a hotel, you’re then too scared to leave in case a family member spots you, because God forbid they find out you stayed in a hotel when they had a spare bed for you…It doesn’t end there! Hiring a car means chauffeuring your büyük teyze, taking her to weddings, sünnets and the supermarket four times a day.

You’ll soon spend hours looking through holiday brochures for the Maldives, but let’s just wake up and smell the kahve: you’ll be back again next year.