Leading international healthcare consultants in North Cyprus for IVF Symposium

Experts from around the world attending the 9thIVF Symposium at the Kaya Ertemis Hotel in Bafra last month.

Sponsored by Crown IVF Cyprus, leading reproductive health consultants and IVF researchers from the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States met with their Turkish counterparts to discuss the latest developments and issues in the sector.

The meeting, which ran on 23 and 24 May, was hosted by Crown IVF clinical physician Dr. Halil İbrahim Tekin and gynaecologist Dr. Mehmet Rafet Gazvani, who is the Head of IVF at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust Hospital.

Speakers on the first day of the symposium included Dr. Gillian Lockwood, Dr. Catherine Hayden, Professor Chris Yapp, Anthony Rutherford, Rachel Gregoire and Jane Blower. They discussed IVF and the possible dangers of treatment, impact on IVF treatment medicine given advances in digital technology, and optimum IVF patient care.

On the second day of the symposium the speakers; James Lawford Davies, Dr Maryam Parisaei, Professor Alan Pacey, Dr Cengiz Cinnioğlu, Dr Cihan Halıcığil, Jess England, and Claire Rutherford . The agenda included ‘Pregnancy factors following IVF treatment, psychological problems of patients, legal obstacles, heat temperature at sperm banks, sperm donations and the confidentiality of donors, and key information patients must pay attention to when purchasing sperm.

Dr. Halil Ibrahim Tekin, who heads Crown IVF Clinic, said that the symposium was very productive. He told T-VINE:

“We were delighted to host these internationally recognised experts in northern Cyprus. Not only did we have excellent peer-to-peer discussions, but our visitors also had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights and pleasures of our beautiful country.”


Dr Tekin with IVF babies


Dr. Tekin, who has nearly 30 years’ IVF experience in the profession treating over 20,000 patients, added, “The majority of patients admitted to our clinic are from the UK or other European countries. The best part of our work is when they visit us post treatment with their babies and I can see the happiness in their faces. In this single moment I am reminded about how important our work is.”

North Cyprus has become one of the world’s leading centres for IVF treatment, with a high rate of fertility success. Actress Tina Malone became pregnant at fifty following the transfer of embryos by Dr Tekin in Cyprus in 2013. It followed initial treatment from Dr Gazavani in the UK.

Actress Tina Malone had successful IVF treatment in Cyprus in 2013


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Tracey Britten, a grandmother of eight, also hit the headlines last October when she became Britain’s oldest mum, giving birth to quadruplets at the age of 51 following fertility treatment at the Kolan British IVF Centre.