Miraz headlines Stoke Newington’s annual DAY-MER Culture and Arts Festival, happening this Sunday!

Each year, the community-minded folk at DAY-MER stage a fantastic month-long programme that includes picnics to political panel debates that aim to stimulate the mind, body and soul, culminating with a huge free festival in Clissold Park.

DAY-MER was set up back in November 1989 to support Londoners of Turkish and Kurdish origin who faced a myriad of socio-economic problems as they tried to settle into their new homeland. The Tottenham based organisation promotes the welfare, cultural, and democratic rights of migrant workers from the local community, whilst helping to build bridges with local people and groups engaged in similar work.

It’s left leaning, collective ethos comes to the fore in the events that it runs, not least its colourful annual festival, where a host of artists and speakers come together to celebrate the rights and contributions of workers, whilst also showcasing the traditions of Anatolian culture under the motto “Unity is Strength’.

This year, the DAY-MER Culture and Arts Festival celebrates its 35th year and is headlined by brilliant folk group Miraz (pictured top). The popular musical collective started back in 2011, fusing modern and traditional instruments with conscious lyrics that reflect the diverse cultures, languages and people of Mesopotamia, particularly songs with Kurdish and Alevi roots.

Also performing are Don Kipper, whose psychedelic Mediterranean disco sound will have everyone dancing. There’s popular Turkish music from Kontrast, and African dance from ACD Arts.

In between the entertainment, expect a smattering of speeches from British and Turkish trade unionists and anti-war and anti-racism activists.

There are also plenty of cool arts and crafts stalls, and Turkish and Kurdish street food. There’s usually a small fee or donation to enter the festival (in 2023, the fee was £2 per person), payable on the day.

Festival Details

Title: Day-Mer Culture and Arts Festival 2024

Date: Sunday 7 July 2024

Times: 2pm to 7.30pm

Venue: Clissold Park, Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ

Info: For more information and to reserve a place visit https://festival.daymer.org/