Mother Ayla pays tribute as “Enis the Wonderchild” passes away aged 6

A young boy in Turkey who had captured the hearts and minds of people around the world following his brave battle for life following a tragic accident has died.

Enis Azmi Işık passed away at the weekend aged six having never fully recovered from a near fatal drowning accident in April 2017 that had left him in a vegetative state.

The toddler had fallen into his home pool in Muğla, southern Turkey, and was quickly rushed to the local hospital. However, as they didn’t have specialist equipment needed for his treatment, the 20-month old toddler was instead transferred by air ambulance to a hospital in İsparta.

Those critical hours where essential treatment was delayed resulted in significant and permanent brain damage to Enis, resulting in him needing around the clock care. British doctors advised the family to ‘switch of the life support machine’, a view rejected by Enis’ devoted mother, Croydon-born Turkish Cypriot Ayla Azmi Işık.

A successful fundraising appeal by Ayla and her family allowed Enis to be cared for at home. Ayla documented their experiences in a blog she titled ‘Enis the Wonderchild’. His incredible resilience saw him be able to breathe on his own again, and interact in small ways – a smile, and happy blinking eyes.

Ayla and Enis 5 months before the toddler’s tragic accident


Every triumph was recorded and shared with Enis’ growing army of worldwide fans, as were the many scares. Infections that had left Enis’ heart racing dangerously and worried mum Ayla up all night. Relapses that put Enis back in a coma, or fractures of his now fragile limbs because of heavy-handed treatment by medical staff.

On Monday, 5 October, Ayla made the sad announcement on social media that her little “cherub” and “wonderchild” had passed away. In a touching tribute to her son, Ayla wrote:

“Dearest Enis,

“There will never be a goodbye only see you soon as we are intransecly [sic] connected. You have battled the unthinkable for 4.5 years & now it’s time to rest. It’s time for peace. From the moment you were born I called you my cherub & now you really are flying above me, always with me.

“Your smile, your tenacity, your fight will go down in history. Those you touched with your bravery & couragessness [sic] will forever remember you for the superhero you are.

“I’m the proudest mummy in the world. You taught me so much baby. From your 1st breath to your last I held you in my arms. You’re my wonderchild & I will continue to celebrate you. Love you for eternity my angel.❤🙏”

Everyone at T-VINE extends our deepest condolences to Ayla and her family following the sad loss of Enis, may he fly high with the angels.

Enis Azmi Işık, born 21/08/2015, died 04/10/2021.