Nev G DeMarni: the glamorous London weather girl for all seasons

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a strange year. An unknown virus, millions dead or infected, international travel bans, and government-imposed lockdowns for our protection, which have separated us from our loved ones and put a stop to many of our favourite pastimes in a bid to minimise human contact.

One happy constant throughout this surreal period has been Nev G’s London Weather Summary. Presented by the effervescent Nev G De Marni, come rain or shine her weather report pops up on our screens every week day and Saturday mornings.

The London-based weather forecaster is always immaculately turned out, wearing a different outfit to reflect the weather or occasion. Always beaming a huge smile, Nev G presents a succinct 30-second preview of the day’s weather from her back garden.

Her fact-packed forecast and cheerful demeanour offers the perfect start to the day for the thousands who view her video clip on social media.

T-VINE Magazine was one of the earliest to give Nev G a platform to promote her weather reports two years ago. We catch-up with the glamorous weathergirl from Chingford to ask about how she got started, and what it entails for her to create the daily weather reports on her own. We also get the low-down on her Turkish Cypriot credentials: family roots, holidays, favourite foods, and her claims to fame.

How did you get interested in the weather?

My earliest recollection was when I was about 10. The storm of 1987 rocked the nation and I was fascinated by it all – and felt for poor Michael Fish, who was a famous weather reporter at the time. He got lots of stick for not forecasting how destructive that night was going to be.

Destined for stardom at a young age: Nev G poses with members of Eastenders Mary the Punk (Linda Davidson) and Ali aka Nejdet Salih, just after she’d sung at a charity London ball in mid-80s.


I idolised weather presenters and also took a keen interest in geography and environmental studies at school.

What made you want to do your own weather reports?

About six years ago, I started posting weather updates on my Facebook status. In 2018, a friend suggested that given I was so accustomed to being on camera and enjoyed delivering weather reports, why didn’t I try putting out my own weather video clips. So I did, and they were an instant hit! The support was like nothing I’d imagined!

Talk us through how you make your daily weather report

I’ve had no professional training, so I have had to develop myself in terms of being a television presenter; I use my bubbly personality and my script to bring it all together.

I get up at 6am and research the Met Office reports for their weather forecasts for the next 24 hours. Then I create an image with the weather summary text on it, write my script and learn it off by heart. This script will consist of today, tonight and tomorrow. If a Bank Holiday is upon us, that will get included too.

Then I choose what I will be wearing for my report.  My outfits range supreme. I like to wear a range of colours and I am very themed, so for example October colours would be brown, gold, bronze, orange, purple, leading up to the final week of October I have a range of Halloween tops that I enjoy showcasing.

A still from the Nev G London Weather Summary for Bonfire Night, Nov. 2019


I also wear and support characters like Snoopy, Pusheen and Kermit.  Labels like Punkyfish give me a trendy youthful look, and sequin dresses always dazzle in the sunshine.

It takes about an hour and a half to complete my 30 second report.  When I am satisfied with my outfit, make-up and hairstyle, I take my Samsung S9 and tripod outside and get recording.

When I put my image and video together, I then have the lengthy task of sharing to Instagram, my Facebook fan page, and tagging 49 followers to my personal page, plus a large and varied Facebook community of local, radio and music groups across London. I’m also on YouTube and Twitter, and the daily clip is also posted on a WhatsApp Nev G’s London Weather Group where contacts re-post it on their websites, social media pages, and as audio for their radio stations.

I do the entire process by myself six days a week, including bank holidays.

What are the funniest experiences you’ve had while filming your weather reports?

I love nature and its unpredictability; magpies screeching at each other over my report, or next door’s cat deciding to go for a stroll on the fence right behind me. Sometimes I have to fight with the wind and do quite a few takes, so that I don’t look too windswept during my report.

Do your neighbours know what you’re up to every morning?

When my weather reports hit the national press in 2018, they did know, yes. One of my neighbours is in her early 70s and insists on receiving my reports daily to her phone, as she says she can only rely on me to get it right, which is really supportive.

I know the others can probably hear me in my garden daily, but I don’t know what they think I’m doing every morning exactly? Lol…..

You are always so glam and colourful in your weather-appropriate outfits. How much planning goes into them?

Nev G themes her outfits for her daily weather bulletins to coincide with special occasions including St Patrick’s Day, Hallowen and Valentine’s


I enjoy wearing a range of cuts and colours for my reports. I am also known for being seasonal and so I enjoy dressing for Christmas, St Patricks Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Bonfire Night, Halloween and so on.

Any excuse to find a theme and dress for it. This year, for example, we had VE day. It’s generally so much fun!! I also like connecting with the child in me, and I wear Snoopy, Pusheen and The Muppets.

You received some great national media coverage a few years ago. Why haven’t you had your big break, do you think?

In this game, I think there are two things that can help a presenter get forward in the [television] business: Who they know and a showreel to push you towards top management agencies.

I am currently putting together a plan for my showreel with a film crew – director, cameraman editor, and post-production company. This has been particularly challenging for me generally, as film production does not come cheaply!

The Nev G London Weather Summary for the 75th anniversary of VE Day, 08 May 2020

Your weather reports were one of the few things to keep going ‘as normal’ during the coronavirus crisis. Did you ever think about stopping?

No never! Wouldn’t dream of it! There is no reason why I should stop just because most other things had stopped. The weather goes on, life goes on and so do I.  The public still needs to know what the weather will be like, I provide a service that I thoroughly enjoy bringing, so why not?

My [viewing] stats actually rocketed during lockdown. Business just got busier!!

Give us the essential Nev G ‘Turkish Cypriot’ low-down: age, favourite food and holiday hotspot, claims to fame, which Cyprus villages your family is from…?

I am 44, born on the 20th February 1976. A Piscean born at the North Middlesex Hospital (in Edmonton, North London).  It’s nice to know I was born in time for the heatwave/drought of 76!

Haha, when it comes to which village I can’t say I’ve been asked that during an interview before!! My dad was born in Yedikonuk (Eftagomi), which is situated in the Karpaz region by Büyükkonuk and my mum was born in London and then grew up in Larnaca, before returning back to the UK as a young teenager.

A young Nev G sings at the TYA party in 1985


My Turkish community credentials include hosting a show on London Turkish Radio. I started guesting on LTR in 1997 with Mr P (Ahmet Pastirmacioglu) and shortly after, I landed my own show Nevci’s Nite Ride: Tuesday nights between 10pm and midnight. I largely played 90s and noughties R&B with occasional Drum and Bass.  I had phone ins, interviews, star sign read-ups and a lot of fun during my 9-year stint at LTR.

I was a keen child singer. In the 80s, the Turks used to hold a lot of singing competitions in London. My parents used to attend these events and I went with them.  At the last minute, at one of these events at Ritzy Tottenham, I begged my mum there and then to let me enter. I was completely unprepared, the youngest entree and unrehearsed, but I went for it anyway and got through to the next round!  Eventually, after months of going through the rounds, I came third at the age of 10!

In addition to this, the Turkish community held a Beauty Contest in 1985 at the Regency [Banqueting Suite], in Tottenham’s Bruce Grove. I entered aged 9. The top prize was a modelling contract for a year. I was shocked when I came first!

My favourite Turkish Cypriot dishes are bamya [okra], Fırın makarna [Turkish macaroni cheese], patlıcan [aubergine] and molohiya [green leaf dish].

I always loved North Cyprus as a child and all my life.  I went nearly every year from 1988 – 2007.  My dad emigrated to Cyprus in 1996, and my mum and step-dad in 2007. Growing up, we always had Girne holidays, but as an adult I’ve grown to love Mağusa much more simply because Glapsides beach is the Caribbean of North Cyprus! As an adult, the beach is my holiday priority now and not the clubs.

That said, I have many good memories raving under the stars at Mare Monte in the early to mid 90s. I’m glad we stayed at Jasmine Court when it first opened, as I have so many fun poolside memories and met a lot of London Cypriots my age group at the time (16-18). My mother, her lady friends and I actually visited [business tycoon and then Jasmine Court owner] Asil Nadir in his beautiful home in Çatalköy in 1993 one afternoon for tea!

Event sponsor and Turkish Cypriot businessman Ramadan Guney looks on as Nev G performs in a Turkish singing contest in London, 1986


I was there when Café 34 on the Girne Harbour first opened; it was absolutely heaving.

I dreaded the days that my dad would insist we visit his sister and my first cousins at his village, because the journey was sooooo long and the village was way too hot to spend a day in, while all my friends were having a laugh on the beach all day…

My friend Rasim opened Cream Bar, a few minutes’ walk from Girne Harbour. By 2007, I had a twice weekly DJ residency there, which I thoroughly enjoyed. That year, I was also part of the Midsummer Ball line-up at Vogue that our DJ Ramsey and J Junior put on.

What else do you do for work?

I had been working as a compliance officer in the Housing industry for a number of years, contracting across the capital. I lost my job at the beginning of this year, and so I’m currently looking outside the box for work this time, away from the housing sector.

Working from home really appeals to me and gives me the freedom that I need to continue, monetise and grow Nev G’s London Weather Summary.

What motivates you to do your weather reports?

My followers motivate me to do my reports.  There are so many members of the public that rely on my daily reports.  The general feedback that I’ve had is that they have deleted their weather apps, or no longer check their TV or radio for the days report.  They log in to me knowing they will get an accurate report on today, tonight and tomorrow in 30 seconds or less.

Not all my followers even live in London. Some support me even though they live abroad – they  tell me they enjoy connecting with my energy, so follow and comment daily on my posts.

Nev G in the studio at London Turkish Radio (LTR) where she spent 9 years presenting her music show Nevci’s Nite Ride


Honestly, my loyal followers who rely on me and show me love and compassion daily are what keep me going.

Where next for Nev G?

In terms of what’s next, we’ll just have to see where my destiny takes me once I prepare my showreel and launch a dedicated website.

Anything else you want to say to T-VINE readers?

Thank you for your support, whether you were backing me during my LTR days or currently on Nev G’s London Weather Summary.  I’m still growing, and the learning never stops, it’s infinite and I’ve always yearned to be in the media industry.  Without my fans and followers I have nothing, so THANK YOU and if you have a dream, it’s never too late to keep pushing for what you really want in this short life.


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