Officials confirm 10-day quarantine fees for those arriving in North Cyprus in December

The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) government has set the fees for 10-day quarantine, which is compulsory for all new arrivals into the country except students, who must quarantine but do not have to pay.

A seven-day quarantine rule has been applicable for travellers from most countries since September. But a recent spike in infection rates in North Cyprus prompted the Health Ministry to increase quarantine to 10 days. Charges were also re-introduced,  which also apply to TRNC citizens.

The latest TRNC Covid-19 entry rules were announced on Monday 14 December and came into force a day later, but the cost of ten days in quarantine was initially unclear to travellers.

There is no information about the revised fees on the websites of the TRNC Health and Finance Ministries, and the ‘latest’ travel advice on the TRNC London Representative Office website is from September.

Cost of 10-day quarantine

However, a member of the TRNC London team and officials Turkish Airlines have confirmed to T‑VINE that the cost of 10-day quarantine has been set at ₺3,050 per person by the TRNC Finance Ministry. For those paying in a foreign currency, the equivalent cost is £291, or $389, or €320.

The fee covers ten days’ accommodation in a self-contained room in a government-approved centre, which can be a 3-star, 4-star or 5-star hotel, or high end student accommodation. Each centre will provide guests with three meals and 1.5 litres of water a day, and other amenities normally found in a hotel, such as towels, toilet paper, tea, and Wi-Fi. The fee also includes a final PCR test at the end of quarantine period.

The quarantine fee is payable in advance of travel to the TRNC Finance Ministry. It can only be made by bank transfer – no option exists for cash or card payments.

Airlines have been told not to accept people on to flights if they cannot show proof of full payment – either a remittance slip with the reference in the name of the person who is going into quarantine, or a screenshot of the same.

It is not necessary for the payment to have gone through – the Turkish Cypriot authorities are aware that international money transfers can take up to 3 working days to reach their bank account. As long as the payment has been made, the passenger can travel to the TRNC.

Bank details for pre-quarantine payments

The TRNC Ministry of Finance allows quarantine payment in four different currencies. Payments can be made in Turkish Lira, Pounds Sterling, Euros or US dollars. Each currency has its own bank account.

Account Name: KKTC Maliye Bakanlığı [TRNC Ministry of Finance]

Account Holder Address: KKTC Maliye Bakanlığı, Lefkoşa, KKTC


Country of Bank: Turkey


Bank address: Şht. Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Sokak No. 11, Küçük Kaymaklı, Lefkoşa, KKTC


Payments in Turkish Lira TL, ₺3,050

Account No: 40298710-5001

IBAN: TR290001000860402987105001


Payments in Pounds Sterling GBP, £291

Account No: 40298710-5004

IBAN: TR450001000860402987105004


Payments in US Dollars USD, $389

Account No: 40300032-5001

IBAN: TR470001000860403000325001


Payments in Euro EUR, €320

Account No: 40298710-5002

IBAN: TR020001000860402987105002