See Sarı Gelin – folk songs from Turkey and their meaning, performed live in London this Friday

The Yunus Emre Institute is staging a free folk music concert at its central London venue this Friday. The special event includes narrator Aydın Mehmet Ali, who will explain the story behind each song, which will be performed by Zöhre Ülker (vocals, bağlama / long-necked lute), Ayşe Akgül (bender / frame drum) and Cahit Baylav (violin). 

Sarı Gelin means ‘blond bride’ in Turkish and commonly refers to the name of group of folk songs about a young man lamenting that he cannot be with a girl he has fallen in love with because he is Muslim Turkish and she is Christian Armenian. Originating from eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus region, there are multiple versions of the music and lyrics that are regularly performed in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Part of a global network of Yunus Emre Institutes, the London centre was opened by President Abdullah Gül in 2010. The YEI aims to share Turkey’s cultural richness by offering a range of services, from Turkish language and arts classes to workshops and hosting cultural events and exhibitions.

Dates: Friday 30 January 2015

Address:  Yunus Emre Institute, Downing House, 10 Maple Street, London W1T 5HA

Concert starts:  7.30pm

Entrance: FREE – limited spaces, advanced booking is recommended

Info & Tickets: contact Mrs. Emel Albayrak on 020 7387 3036