Sezin Angelova’s debut single Simya is a deliciously dreamy slice of nu-jazz soul

In these uncertain and unsettling coronavirus times, it’s vital we nourish our minds and spirit with positivity, and when this new track from Sezin Angelova dropped in my inbox, I eagerly lapped it up.

The London-based singer songwriter has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist and seasoned session musician Jomy Jai for her gorgeous debut release that was “written, played, recorded, and finished at home in the lockdown period, from the first note to post-production, including the music video.”

Close your eyes and float away to the gentle beats of the drums and double bass, as the trumpet heralds the coming of the honey sweet vocals of Sezin Angelova.

Jomy Jai (Rhodes and synths) leads this happy collaboration of London based jazz players that include Brian Hedemann (drums), Poppy Daniels (trumpet), Theodoris Ziarkas (double bass), and David Mrakpor (vibraphone).

The track’s name means alchemy in Turkish, and it’s the practice of the ancient art of alchemy – “the search for the spirit in matter” – that inspires the lyrical and musical flow of Simya:

“It is the practice of inner transformation through lives that consist of fractal patterns and cycles, some of which we manage to break and others we repeat again and again.

“Although some periods are as challenging as they are nowadays, they evolve us a lot. With each pattern, we learn to master our most authentic selves,” says the press notes from Sezin and Jomy.

“This song is to remind us of the sacredness of each moment and nothing more,” they add.

Simya is set to an equally stunning video, created with the brushstrokes and animation skills of Mark Boston.

This deliciously dreamy slice of nu-jazz soul leaves you craving for more – let’s hope the new album will not be too far away!

You can buy a digital version of the track on Bandcamp – click here – or watch the song and video on YouTube.