Sümer Erek’s new exhibition Mediterranean Days set to open in Dalston

Sümer Erek continues with his Mediterranean themed art with a new exhibition that opens in the heart of East London next week.

In his latest collection, Erek, who is of Turkish Cypriot origin, pieces together Mediterranean culture. He starts by remarking a ‘single sea shore’. To these he adds elements that reflect the behaviour, lifestyle, and culture typical of the Mediterranean region.

The artwork includes oil paintings on canvas alongside those made on paper through collage techniques, which Erek produced during his early years in Britain. He combines these with his latest pieces from the past year. The significant time gap between the two groups of works enables the audience to distinguish between the artistic journeys that were made through different understandings of aesthetic sensibilities and painting techniques.

The exhibition, which expresses Erek’s own personal journey, also demonstrates art’s universal values and vital connections with local cultures, drawing on the relationships between both private and communal, and political and artistic. In this context, Mediterranean Days moves beyond a mere nostalgic inspection of memory, to instead bring the relationships between form, content and style, intertwinements and tensions of the artworks into sharp focus.

Exhibition details

Title: Mediterranean Days by Sümer Erek

Dates: Opens 18 November, closes 14 December 2017

Times: Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm Saturday 10am – 1pm

Venue: An Other Place / Homefinder, 146 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS

Admission: free

For more info: email anotherplace12@gmail.com