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A triumph of sensationalism over virtue, Braverman’s ‘Illegal’ Migration Act will cost lives

The Illegal Migration Bill is now on Britain’s statute book. A total of 289 MPs voted in favour of the bill, giving the Home Secretary unprecedented powers to make arrangements for the detention and deportation of migrants, while 230 MPs voted against. Sensationalism rather than ‘virtue’, in Aristotle’s use of the term, has won again. […]

The asylum bill and ‘pushing the boundaries’ – but for what?

The asylum bill introduced by the UK Government, in its current form, compels the Home Secretary to deny those refugees who arrive ‘irregularly’ access to the UK asylum system. If the bill passes, and it may, these asylum seekers, rather than being provided with protection, would be subject to detention in the UK and — […]

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Number of Turks seeking asylum in European countries up 9% in 2019

Applications by Turkish nationals for protection in Europe has seen a fresh rise in 2019. Over 25,000 applied for asylum last year, with Germany the preferred destination for more than 10,000 Turks. Turks were the sixth largest group seeking refuge in Europe in 2019, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. A […]