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Turkey’s population tops 83 million

Turkey’s population grew to 83.15 million last year, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) today. Official figures show the population increased by 1,151,115, or 1.39%, in 2019, a slight decrease from the previous year, when the population had risen by 1.47%. The population is evenly split between males (41,721,136, or 50.2%) […]

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Is Erdoğan’s call for Turks to have at least 3 children failing?

Turks want to have less children compared to the past, a dating app’s data revealed recently. According to the figures provided by OKCupid, while 60% of their users want only one or two children, 35% are not planning to have any at all. It suggests that Turks are not heeding their President’s call to have […]