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Stunning North Cyprus the backdrop for Hüseyin Erdinç’s new music video

There’s nothing like a Turkish music video shot on a gorgeous sunny day in North Cyprus to leave you craving for a summer holiday. That’s exactly the feeling we at T-VINE had after watching the video for Hüseyin Erdinç’s latest song Vazgeçtim, which dropped a fortnight ago. The video of the instrumental cover song, written […]

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TRNC General Election 2022: Turkish Cypriots head to the polls on Sunday

On Sunday, 23 January 2022, Turkish Cypriots will be selecting their next government, but few are expecting any major changes to the current make-up of the 50-seat Parliament in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). The right-wing National Unity Party (UBP), the main party in the TRNC’s current minority coalition Government, is predicted to […]

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After a year’s wait, Faiz Sucuoğlu is finally crowned UBP Leader

Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu was the favourite to win the run-off and become leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) last October, after the role was vacated by Ersin Tatar, who had been elected President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Instead, the UBP leadership contest was unexpectedly called off and Ersan Saner installed as […]

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Four candidates to stand in UBP leadership race this weekend

This weekend, National Unity Party (UBP) members will get the chance to vote for their new leader, a role vacated last October when Ersin Tatar became President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Four candidates are standing: Hasan Taçoy and Faiz Sucuoğlu, who were through to the run-off last year before the election was […]

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TRNC coalition government collapses after PM Ersan Saner tenders his resignation

The minority government in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus collapsed on Wednesday, following Prime Minister Ersan Saner formally tendering his resignation. After seeing President Ersin Tatar, Prime Minister Saner told the press waiting at the TRNC White House: “I have just submitted my resignation as I observe that the government is no longer sustainable. […]