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Details for this year’s London vigil to commemorate Turkish Cypriots killed during ‘Bloody Christmas’

British Turkish Cypriot groups have confirmed that a vigil will again be held outside the Republic of Cyprus’s London High Commission to commemorate all those killed during the ‘Bloody Christmas’ attacks in Cyprus in December 1963. The British Turkish Cypriot Association (BTCA), Young Turkish Cypriots (Y.T.C.) and Embargoed! are organising the two-hour event on Wednesday […]

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Rishi Sunak accused of “anti-Turkish bias” after his letter on Cyprus made public

A week after airing controversial views that attacked civil liberties and vilified Muslims in Britain, Conservative leadership contender Rishi Sunak is embroiled in a new controversy. This time, the former Chancellor has been slammed by British Turkish Cypriots, who accuse him of “flagrant misinformation” and “anti-Turkish bias” after he appeared to take sides in the […]