UK, Cyprus: 1 hour less in bed as clocks go forward on Sunday for Summer Time

This weekend, people in Britain, Cyprus and other parts of the world adhering to the Daylight Saving Time system will have  less time in bed, as the clocks go forward by an hour.

The change officially happens in the early hours of Sunday, 28 March. At 1am local time, the clocks will automatically go forward to 2am.

Most digital devices with location settings will automatically go forward by an hour, but watches and many appliances will still need to be changed manually.

Known in the UK as ‘British Summer Time’, each year in March the clocks go forward to denote the new spring/summer season. The clocks revert by an hour in October when British Summer Time ends.

Although the changes can impact some people’s sleep and disrupt their routine for the first week after the change, advocates of Daylight Saving Time argue that being awake for more daylight hours is important: it means lighter evenings in the summer, and more daylight in the winter months.

The Turkish government, like others across Asia, viewed the change as more trouble than it’s worth, and scrapped the practice of putting clocks backwards and forward in 2016.

As a result, in the winter months, when clocks go back, the time difference between Turkey and Britain and Cyprus grows by an hour. But from Sunday, Turkey returns to being two hours ahead of the UK, and it will be on the same time zone as Cyprus.


Photo, top, © nellysenko/ Freepik