The 5 biggest Turkish pop music hits of summer 2022, according to Spotify

As we head into autumn and things start to get a little chilly, why not transport yourself back to warmer days with this brilliant list of summer Turkish hits?

Our top 5 below is taken from the playlist compiled by the world’s biggest music streaming platform Spotify. Under the title Yaz Hitleri  [Summer Hits] it’s based on the most played songs in Türkiye these past few months.

For those less in tune with emerging Turkish musical talent, be prepared to discover a load of new artists that are defining the Turkish pop scene, with their songs played on repeat on Spotify this summer.

  1. Bi’ Tek Ben Anlarım – KÖFN

KÖFN, the junction of electronica-based producer BKE and singer Salman Tin, have set the summer ablaze with their latest single ‘Bi’ Tek Ben Anlarım’.The electropop song is officially the ‘summer mega-hit’ as Spotify Türkiye’s most popular track coming at number 1.

  1. Suçlarımdan Biri – Güneş

Türkiye’s newest up and comer rapper Güneş was on our Top 5 Turkish Albums of the Summer list with her hit debut album Atlantis. Absolutely smashing the charts with her electropop/rap title track ‘Suçlarımdan Biri’, she’s become Spotify Türkiye’s second most listened to artist this summer, proving that she’s not on the rise but already made it to the top.

YouTube link: Suçlarımdan Biri – Güneş

  1. Tutsak – Sefo 

‘Tutsak’ is one song that’s really blown up this year. It’s very similar in sound to Sefo’s 2021 hit ‘Bilmem Mi?’. You can hear it on the background of thousands of TikTok videos, which is pretty self-explanatory of its popularity. We can call the rapper’s formulaic music a “two birds one stone” story, well, unless he decides to do another in 2023.

  1. İmdat – Cakal 

‘İmdat’ is another immensely mainstream rap song your ears can only dodge for so long once you’ve entered the Turkish metropolis of social media. It’s one of the most hyped songs to be released in 2022, so it’s really no wonder people have been blasting it all summer.

  1. Konum Gizli (feat. Murda) – MERO

A collaboration between Turkish-German rapper MERO and Turkish rapper Murda resulted in another high energy rap/drill summer hit, ‘Konum Gizli’. Murda has become a prominent rapper in Türkiye within the last few years, having released hit after hit, aided by the success of his collaborative work with one of the biggest Turkish rappers of the last decade, Ezhel.

YouTube link: Konum Gizli (feat. Murda) – MERO


You can list to all these hits on Spotify – see link below or click here.


Main image, top, of artists featured on Spotify Summer Hits playlist in Türkiye (clockwise from top left): MERO, Güneş, Sefo, KÖFN, and Cakal