About Us

T-VINE (short for ‘Turkish Grapevine’) was launched by İpek Özerim in April 2013. It is the UK’s first and only English language consumer publication for British Turks and those interested in the world of Turks.

Available quarterly in print from major community outlets across Britain and daily online, T-VINE covers news, culture, people, places, opinions, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Each week, our team of writers serve up an intelligent, informative and entertaining mix of articles from the world of Turks. With an unrivalled set of contacts in the UK, Turkey, North Cyprus and beyond, expect fresh perspectives and interesting insights with a healthy dose of humour to boot.

The content is primarily aimed at the half-a-million ‘Turks’ in Britain whose ethnic, national or cultural heritage hails from Turkey or Cyprus. Our beautifully diverse community includes Turkish Cypriots – the first wave of mass Turkish migrants to the UK in the 1950s & 1960s – as well as Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Alevis, Sufis, Christians, humanists…

Our political views are equally diverse, cutting across the entire political spectrum. What binds us is our common interest in happenings within the community, and our desire to remain connected to our roots and important events ‘in the Motherland’.

T‑VINE fills an important gap for those whose first language is English – now thought to be two-thirds of British Turks. We help to chronicle the news and opinions that matter to our community through balanced commentary and rigorous reporting, while also highlighting specialist areas – in Arts & Entertainment, Food and Drink, and Spiritual matters.

Both the print magazine and online portal are free to readers. We rely on advertising and other commercial revenue streams, such as magazine subscriptions and the online Business Directory, to cover our costs.