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Turkish cinema’s action legend Cüneyt Arkın laid to rest

The Turkish nation is grieving the loss of acting legend Cüneyt Arkın. Thousands attended his funeral in Istanbul on Thursday, 30 June. Arkın emerged in the golden age of Turkish cinema, in a period known as ‘Yeşilçam’, playing in around 300 films and television series, including Babaların Babası (1975) and historic drama series Kara Murat that […]

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TRNC Presidency call UK discrimination of Turkish Cypriots “unacceptable” after royal couple reject President Tatar’s invitation

A visit to Cyprus by members of the Royal Family has been criticised by the President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) after their itinerary only included meetings in the southern part of the island and on the British bases. TRNC President Ersin Tatar was again deliberately kept in the dark by the […]

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Turkish Cypriot journalists hold 24-hour protest over government plans to curb freedom of expression

Over one hundred journalists in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus have staged a peaceful demonstration against the government’s proposal to resurrect British colonial era laws that would limit freedom of speech against the head of state. Organised by the Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association (TCJA), journalists of all ages, including veterans Hasan Hastürer and Süleyman […]

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Dr. Mehmet Öz overcomes first hurdle on path to becoming America’s first Turkish Muslim Senator

Trump-endorsed television personality Dr. Mehmet Öz guaranteed his position as the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s Senate after his opponent David McCormick conceded defeat in the state primary last weekend. Öz will face the Democrat candidate, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman, in the Midterm US Elections in November. If Dr. Öz, whose parents are from […]

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Trio Bellapaix: made in the TRNC, now set to perform in the heart of London

Join the fabulous Trio Bellapaix for an evening of chamber music at St James’s Church on Piccadilly. The evening’s programme includes Clara Schumann’s lyrical Piano Trio and the tango rhythms of Astor Piazzolla. Trio Bellapaix comprises of three acclaimed musicians from the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC): Gürhan Nuray – cello Nihat Ağdaç – […]

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Public and healthcare professionals welcome to attend the UK-Türkiye Medical Tourism Fair in London

If you’ve ever considered having a health procedure in Türkiye, now is your chance to investigate by meeting the experts here in London. The “Trust London United Kingdom and Türkiye Medical Tourism Fair and Conference” is a one-day event bringing together around 30 healthcare organisations from Türkiye. These include doctors and healthcare professionals from hospitals, […]

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Met Police yet to take action over display of terror group PKK flags in London

The display of flags of a banned Kurdish terror group remain online despite complaints being lodged with the Metropolitan Police nearly three months ago. The Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) is a proscribed group in the UK, and its promotion is strictly prohibited under UK terror laws. Photographs appeared on social media from this year’s Kurdish […]

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Fugitive gang leader Izzet Eren arrested in Moldova following manhunt

A man who absconded from prison in Turkey while serving a 21-year-sentence for offences in the UK has been arrested following a joint operation between the Metropolitan Police Service, National Crime Agency and Moldovan authorities. Izzet Eren, 39, a Turkish national who had been living in London, was detained in Chisinau, Moldova on Thursday, 26 […]

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Evkaf announce scholarships in the name of late mountaineering hero Birkan Uzun

The Evkaf Administration of Cyprus (Evkaf) has announced they are setting up a special university scholarship fund in memory of Birkan Uzun. The academically gifted Turkish Cypriot had conquered five of the world’s highest mountains before he tragically died in a skiing accident at the end of 2021. The scholarships, open to all students with […]