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Nurtane Karagil’s awareness project ‘Coastlines Waning: All for a few extra Sunbeds’ goes live on Cyprus billboards

The destruction of the natural environment, particularly Cyprus’s beautiful coastlines, has been highlighted in a powerful new awareness campaign created by artist Nurtane Karagil. Called ‘Coastline(s) Waning: All for a few extra Sunbeds’, Karagil’s collage of four scenes shows beaches dug up as if they are part of a construction site as people continue to […]

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From the new Ercan Airport to Barbie’s pink mules, and overseas voting in Turkiye’s Presidential Elections, here are T-VINE’s big stories of 2023

T-VINE Magazine readers really do love a good news story. Two thirds of our most well-read and commented stories of 2023 were about positive developments, charity or success stories. There are four separate news items about the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus that feature in our Top 15, including our biggest story of 2023 by […]

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All change at Evkaf, as Professor Mustafa Tümer replaces long-serving head Professor Benter

Professor Ibrahim Benter’s term as the Director-General of Kıbrıs Vakıflar İdaresi has come to an end. The TRNC Council of Ministers called time on Benter’s decade in charge of the oldest Turkish Cypriot institute, naming Professor Mustafa Tümer (top right) as his replacement. The details were announced in the Official Gazette last week. Kıbrıs Vakıflar […]

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Ruling parties in TRNC, Turkiye and Azerbaijan sign historic agreement to improve political co-operation

Leading figures from the ruling right-wing political parties in Turkiye and Azerbaijan have signed a co-operation agreement with their Turkish Cypriot peers. The agreement, signed in Lefkoşa / North Nicosia on Tuesday, 14 November, aims to further political relations between the Turkish countries under the motto of “3 states, one nation.” Prime Minister Ünal Üstel […]