British Summer Time set to start this Sunday when clocks go forward an hour

If you’re in the UK and Cyprus, get ready to lose an hour of sleep this weekend as clocks will go forward by an hour in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The switch happens at exactly 1am local time on Sunday, 31 March, when clocks will automatically change to 2am.

Britain, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and other parts of the world that use the Daylight Saving system will all follow suite.

The Daylight Saving scheme is used to maximise daylight hours during the darker winter months. The time reverts back to normal each year for the spring and summer.

The changes in time can impact some people’s sleep and also disrupt their routine for the first week after the change. There’s also likely to be confusion with timings, especially for those trying to co-ordinate with Turkiye, which no longer uses Daylight Saving.

The Turkish government opted to end the practice of putting clocks forward and back in 2016. It means that during the winter months, Turkiye and Cyprus are on different time zones, an hour apart.

This ends on Sunday, so the TRNC and Turkiye will be on the same time zone. It also means the time difference between Britain and Turkiye will go down from three to two hours.

Main picture, top, of alarm clock among daffodils, stock image. Photo © BeritK/Freepik