Turkish women’s group appeals for knitters to help produce patchwork quilt for charity auction

Earlier this year, the Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association of England (TWPA) launched a patchwork bedspread project. The TWPA ladies intend to auction their handiwork to raise money to support those in the care of children’s charity SOS Children’s Village in North Cyprus.

TWPA say that “Patchwork quilts symbolise strength, resilience, security and family” which is “part of the foundations of the TWPA” and the group’s efforts “to help our community thrive.”

The North London based group view patchwork quilts as symbolising “the bonds between women of different generations and their enduring legacy.”

Their new multi-generational project aims to bring together Turkish and Turkish-speaking women to knit a patchwork bedspread together that they describe as “a unique, one of a kind heirloom made from the fair hands of the women of the Turkish Community.”

Each patch used for the bedspread is 35 stitches by 35 return rows (approximately 6 inches /15cm by 6 inches /15cm). They are using a double knit wool 4mm knitting needle, with the material being 100% acrylic wool that can be of any colour or pattern.

TWPA need all square patches to be sent to them by 30 April 2024, which will give them enough time

to join them all together and complete the bedspread ahead of the CTCA Turkish Cypriot Festival on Saturday 30 June 2024, where it will be auctioned off.

If you would like to help create this “piece of history that can be treasured for generations to come”, get in touch with the TWPA.

Sponsoring a child at SOS Children’s Village 

The money raised from the auction will help TWPA to sponsor a child at SOS Children’s Village.

According to the charity, “Sponsoring a child is a great way to support our work at SOS Children’s Villages with a personal twist.

“When children find themselves without parental support, they become vulnerable. They are often without a home, without food and at risk of exploitation.

“We believe that all children deserve to grow up in a supportive environment – this allows them to not just survive, but to thrive.

“By sponsoring a child, you are helping us to provide a loving family, a secure home, quality education and the foundations for a happy adult life.”

“With an SOS child sponsorship, you can be certain that you are helping to change a life forever,” the charity adds.