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Who are the three politicians whose origins hail from Turkiye now sitting in the European Parliament?

The recent European Parliament Elections saw over 35 candidates of Turkish, Turkish Cypriot or Turkish Kurdish origin stand for a range of political parties, from communist to conservatives, in multiple European Union Member States, including France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands. Most of the candidates failed because they were either low down their party […]

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General Election 2024: Could Labour’s trailblazing Nesil Caliskan become the first female Turkish Cypriot MP?

On Tuesday, the Labour Party announced that Nesil Caliskan would be its Parliamentary candidate for the upcoming General Election on 4 July 2024. The following day, Caliskan posted on X (formerly Twitter) that she was “honoured to be the Labour candidate for Barking” and that she would be “work hard for every vote”. The East […]

“Migration is the big topic in every corner of the world” – director Serkan Nihat on his powerful debut feature film Exodus

Serkan Nihat’s directorial debut film Exodus has won the Best Drama Feature 2024 award at this year’s London Independent Film Festival (LIFF). Set in Turkiye, the hard hitting migration drama received a standing ovation when it premiered at the festival earlier this month. Inspired by the global refugee crisis, Exodus homes in on two Turkish […]

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Seven facts about the Muslim holy month of Ramazan

Monday marked the first full day of fasting for Muslims around the world as part of the month of Ramadan, or Ramazan in Turkish. For thirty consecutive days, all healthy Muslims will refrain from eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. Why is this month so important for the nearly 2 billion followers of […]

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From the new Ercan Airport to Barbie’s pink mules, and overseas voting in Turkiye’s Presidential Elections, here are T-VINE’s big stories of 2023

T-VINE Magazine readers really do love a good news story. Two thirds of our most well-read and commented stories of 2023 were about positive developments, charity or success stories. There are four separate news items about the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus that feature in our Top 15, including our biggest story of 2023 by […]