Bonuses that you can claim to play casino games

As leisure activities go, online gambling is booming in Britain. Research shows an estimated fifty percent of adults like to gamble at least once a year, and around a third are doing so via the internet.

Popular options range from sports betting to bingo, but it is online casinos that have really taken off.

Online casinos offer a huge choice of games, including poker, blackjack and video slots, and it pays to know what free extras you can obtain, especially when you join these platforms for the first time.

New customers that are signing up to play casino games online are often able to claim a welcome bonus when they open an account.

These bonuses are great for all players, as it means the money they use for their opening deposit will go much further.

Here’s a quick guide to which bonuses players can take advantage of when they are signing up to a leading site for the first time.

Matched bonus

One of the best new joiner incentives that you are able to find online is the ‘matched bonus’. This is one of the most lucrative that is available to those signing up for the first time, as it offers players a 100% matched bonus on their deposit.

Essentially, you double your money as the casino will match whatever you deposit into your account when you first open it with the exact same amount in free bet bonuses.

These bonuses are extremely popular for players who are looking to play a variety of games, as they are not be limited for use with just one type of game.

Claiming this bonus is straightforward: customers just need to follow the terms and conditions and not exceed the maximum deposit that can be made.

Free spins

Slot players that are looking to find an offer that is tailored to their needs shouldn’t look any further than ‘free spins’.

This offer is specifically tailored to fans playing this type of game, as the bonus can be used on a wide selection of titles that fall under the video slot machines category. It’s less usual, however, that the free spin promotion is extended to poker or other table games.

Check the terms and conditions carefully before claiming this bonus, as this section will include the wagering requirements that you need to follow, and list the games that free spins is available for.

For fans of table games, you should also check if the casino offers free spins along with another promotion. There are some casinos that will combine an offer of free spins along with a match bonus, so it’s a win-win  for potential gamblers on two fronts. 

Why are the terms and conditions important?

We have mentioned throughout this article about the importance of following the terms and conditions, and for good reason.

Players that don’t follow the terms of the bonus will not be credited with the free bonus, whether it be free spins or a matched bonus. When that happens, gamblers often feel let down by the service that is being offered, and yet it is an issue that can be easily avoided.

The terms and conditions are relatively straightforward and should be easy enough for all customers to follow, regardless of whether they have experienced playing online games in the past or are new to them.

The most important factor is to stay within the minimum deposit and maximum deposit limits. As well as that, some offers also exclude certain payment methods from being used to take advantage of the bonus.

As long as the terms and conditions are followed, you are bound to have an enjoyable experience online.

Remember to gamble wisely too. Treat it as a form of entertainment, and not as a source of income, and only gamble what you can afford to lose. For this and more tips on how to gamble safely, visit the Be Gamble Aware website.