Family appeals for help to identify “heartless” thief who stole wallet from elderly man in Enfield

The family of a seventy year old man whose wallet was stolen while out shopping in North London have appealed to the public to help identify the suspect.

The elderly gentleman was in a supermarket on Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3, at about 11am on Saturday, 1 August when a woman came up behind him and took his wallet from his back trouser pocket.

The entire incident was captured by the store’s CCTV, which has provided clear photos of the suspect, a dark-haired lady in her twenties or thirties wearing a sleeveless, knee-length black summer dress with red rose motifs, and flat black sandals.

The woman had a distinctive large shoulder bag with bird prints and aqua-coloured straps, and a second, smaller, dark green, crossbody bag with a silver fastener.

Suspected pickpocket follows Mr Nafi around supermarket in Enfield, North London, on 1 Aug. 2020


She is seen following the gentleman, who uses a walking stick, around the shop as he carried a red shopping basket.

After the theft, CCTV shows the suspected pickpocket clutching the wallet, as she turns and walks back down the aisle she came from.

The theft only came to light when the gentleman – the father of Turkish Cypriot businessman Kenan Nafi – went to pay.

Suspected pickpocket tries to take Mr Nafi’s wallet in a supermarket in Enfield, North London, on 1 Aug. 2020


Mr Nafi told T-VINE: “My father is very upset. His main concern is that he had a document of great sentimental value in the wallet, which he desperately wants back. He doesn’t want the money or anything else, just the document.”

Mr Nafi called the pickpocket “heartless” for her actions, and appealed to the public to help catch the culprit and to find his father’s wallet.

“Anyone with any information, please call the police [101] and can give crime reference number 5219283/20,” Mr Nafi said.

Suspected pickpocket walks away clutching Mr Nafi’s wallet in her right hand, in a supermarket in Enfield, North London, on 1 Aug. 2020