Over 3 million overseas Turks to cast their vote in crucial Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

The Republic of Turkiye is gearing up for a massive international operation to enable more than 3 million Turkish nationals living abroad to vote in the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections, which are taking place on 14 May 2023.

Voting stations are being opened in 73 countries worldwide for Turks on the electoral register to cast their ballot in the crucial Turkish elections, which will decide the future of incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), who have been in power for the past two decades.

A total of 3,416,098 Turkish citizens have registered to vote abroad. Of these, the number of first-time voters is 277,646. Citizens had been given until 12 April to ensure their details were on the electoral register for the upcoming elections.

The biggest number of overseas Turks registered to vote in the 2023 Elections are in Germany, with 1.5 million people – nearly half all of all overseas voters.

The next six highest according to the number of registered voters are France (397K), Netherlands (287K), Belgium (153K), TRNC (140K),   USA (134K) and UK (127K).

Breakdown of Turkish voters abroad by country

According to Turkish officials, the number of registered overseas voters for each of the 73 countries where voting will take place is as follows:

Albania: 1,416

Algeria: 2,280

Australia: 53,902

Austria: 111,659

Azerbaijan: 11,036

Bahrain: 1,359

Belarus: 643

Belgium: 153,443

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2,946

Brazil: 581

Bulgaria: 6,391

Canada: 40,418

China: 4,337

Czech Republic: 3,018

Denmark: 36,725

Egypt: 2,327

Estonia: 776

Finland: 6,791

France: 397,086

Georgia: 2,306

Germany: 1,501,152

Greece: 11,714

Iraq: 5,738

Iran: 1,592

Ireland: 6,770

Israel: 5,088

Italy: 20,148

Hungary: 3,887

Japan: 5,672

Jordan: 3,030

Kazakhstan: 6,101

Korea: 866

Kosovo: 2,192

Kuwait: 4,725

Kyrgyz Republic: 3,118

Lebanon: 8,325

Libya: 1,132

Lithuania: 795

Luxembourg: 1,507

Malaysia: 711

Malta: 2,808

Moldova: 861

Morocco: 685

Montenegro: 1,704

Netherlands: 286,753

New Zealand: 1,115

Nigeria: 584

North Macedonia: 4,107

Norway: 10,391

Qatar: 10,868

Pakistan: 1,233

Poland: 10,457

Portugal: 1,484

Romania: 10,172

Russia: 14,357

Saudi Arabia: 23,005

Serbia: 2,311

Singapore: 1,020

Slovak Republic: 642

South Africa: 1,561

Spain: 7,430

Sultanate of Oman: 1,395

Sweden: 42,773

Switzerland: 105,820

Tanzania: 865

Thailand: 1,278

TRNC 140,111

Turkmenistan: 635

Ukraine: 2,608

United Arab Emirates: 12,757

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 127,281

USA: 134,246

Uzbekistan: 3,182

Voting in the Turkish Elections in the UK

Details of dates and times when each of the overseas voting stations will be open vary, but the last date for any overseas voting is confirmed as 9 May.

Specially constructed voting stations will tend to be open longer, from 09.00 to 21.00 local time, while those in representative and consular offices will operate between 09.00 and 18.00 local time.

In the United Kingdom, voting stations will open on Saturday 29 April and run until 7 May in four locations: London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Leicester.

Voting in Turkiye

People in Turkiye will cast their votes on Sunday, 14 May. Voting will end at 17.00. Citizens returning to Turkiye on the day of the elections who are on the overseas electoral register can cast their ballot at the customs gate.

Plans if Presidential Election goes to run-off

In the event that no single candidate gets more than 50% of the vote on 14 May, the Presidential Election will go to a second round, which will be held in Turkiye a fortnight later, on Sunday, 28 May.

For overseas voters, arrangements will be made for them to cast their vote between 20 and 24 May. Voting at the customs gates will also be possible, which will open at 08:00 on Saturday, 20 May, and continue until 17:00 on 28 May.

Those who are registered in the foreign electoral register and spend the election period in Turkey will be able to vote at any of the customs gates.



Main image, top, of Arnhem Netherlands: Trial votes in the Turkyem Mosque in the run-up to the Provincial Council elections, 13 Mar 2023. Photo © Hollandse Hoogte/Shutterstock (13817610c)