Stabbing victim Noura, 7, hugs PC Ahmet Mavitunali who helped save her life

Police Constable Ahmet Mavitunali and his colleague PC Ryan Legge were reunited with the young girl whose life they saved last year.

Noura, seven, met the two officers as part of a special event to mark Emergency Services Day on Thursday, 9 September, where she was pictured hugging PC Mavitunali.

In May 2020 the young girl, then aged six, had been stabbed in the neck and chest by her own father at his home in Brent, North West London. British police were alerted to the incident after the man’s family in Austria received photos of the pair injured.

Noura was found unconscious by the two London police officers, who had bravely forced their way into the property concerned about the welfare of the young girl, while knowing they were going to face a violent suspect inside.

PC Ryan Legge and PC Ahmet Mavitunali apprehended the man, her father, who had also inflicted wounds on himself. They discovered Noura fighting for life from knife wounds and managed to stem her bleeding and  provide emergency first aid until paramedics arrived. The young girl was rushed to hospital, where she remained for the next three months. She has since made a full recovery.

On Thursday, the young girl was jubilant when she was reconciled with the two police officers who saved her life.

PC Mavitunali, who is of Turkish heritage, and PC Legge picked Noura up from school in a police car and took her to Dockhead Fire Station in South East London for an event celebrating Emergency Services Day, which was also attended by the Duke of Cambridge.

Noura sat next to Prince William, who heard about the terrifying incident, and hailed the two officers “heroes” for their brave actions.

Speaking to media on Thursday, Noura’s mother Luna Di Raimondo said: “The emergency services saved her. They were extremely quick and made sure she got to the hospital. If they did not do what they did, probably she would not be here.

“Meeting [Prince] William today has been a happy ending. It has been a remarkable experience.”

Noura’s father was charged with attempted murder and jailed for 22 years, the Metropolitan Police said.


Main picture, top, of PC Ahmet Mavitunali and Noura, 9 Sept. 2021. Photo © Met. Police