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Turkiye’s King of Fantezi and Blues, Mahsun Kırmızıgül to play Royal Albert Hall in May

This year marks thirty years since Mahsun Kırmızıgül’s acclaimed album Alem Buysa Kral Sensin [‘If This is the World, You Are the King’] dropped, shaking up Turkiye’s music scene with its catchy fusion of Turkish Fantezi, Arabesque and Folk songs that propelled Kırmızıgül to the top of the charts. Kırmızıgül’s music epitomises the sounds of […]

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Türkiye’s King of Arabesque İbrahim Tatlıses set to play London in the autumn

Affectionately known as Ibo or “İmparator” (‘Emporor”), İbrahim Tatlıses is one of Türkiye’s biggest and best loved music stars. Now aged 70, he has recorded 42 albums in a career spanning 52 years and his music continues to attract millions of listeners. The Urfa-born singer recorded his first album, Kara Kız/Beni Yakma Gel Güzelim, on tape […]