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Frontline Club panel to debate ‘legacy of the Gezi Park Protests and the future of democracy in Turkiye’

In 2013, police brutality against a peaceful group protesting the destruction of Gezi Park – one of the few public green spaces in Istanbul – prompted an unprecedented wave of demonstrations that soon spread across Turkiye.  The focus of the protests soon morphed into riots against the ruling AKP government’s escalating authoritarianism, then headed by […]

Book launch: Erdoğan Rising – The Times’ Istanbul correspondent Hannah Lucinda Smith in conversation with Anthony Loyd

In conversation with Anthony Loyd, Hannah Lucinda Smith analyses Turkey’s ailing democracy – and what Erdoğan’s continuing hold on power means for the rest of us. More than fifteen years before Donald Trump ascended to the American presidency, Turkey was the crucible for the new, authoritarian populism now shaking the world. Its President, Recep Tayyip […]