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Israel appoints new ambassador to Ankara, as Turkish and Israeli leaders meet for first time since 2008

The rapprochement between Turkiye and Israel continues with two significant political developments in a single day. First came the news that Israel has appointed a new ambassador to its embassy in Ankara – the first in four years. The Israeli Foreign Ministry made the announcement about Ambassador Irit Lillian’s new role on Tuesday. The senior diplomat […]

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Jewish-Turkish Cypriot relations take a step forward

  Senior members of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) met with the TRNC London Representative for the first time yesterday. TRNC ambassador Zehra Başaran and Esra Emin, a TRNC diplomat, hosted BDBJ’s chief executive Gillian Merron and David Walsh, the body’s international relations officer, at the TRNC London office on Thursday morning. […]

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Germany welcomes Turkish academics 84 years after Atatürk did same for Jews fired by the Nazis

Turkish scholars fired from their jobs following a mass purge in Turkey have found an unexpected guardian angel in Germany. In a bizarre twist of fate, the Philipp Schwartz Initiative, launched last year and inspired by a German Jewish academic saved by Turks, is helping refugee researchers fleeing persecution in their home countries to find […]