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Special George Michael tribute at North London Christmas Whisper party

Red Star Entertainment returns with another fabulous end-of month party at the Trent Park Country Club. And what finer way to enter the festive break than boogying down at Christmas Whisper. Dress glam for this Christmas Eve event, which features live PAs from X Factor finalist and stunning vocalist Monica Michael, and Johnny Mack (pictured above), […]

Bump into your favourite celeb at the Lookalikes Party at Trent Park Country Club

After a roadblock Thriller Halloween party, Red Star Entertainment is back for more fun at North London’s plushest venue, the Trent Park Country Club. For November, Red Star has invited Britain’s leading celebrity doubles for ‘The Lookalikes Party’. Get ready to bump into Mr T (pictured above), Gordon Ramsey, David Brent, Will Smith, David Beckham, […]

The Halloween Thriller Ball this Friday at Trent Park Country Club

“Horror looks you right between your eyes, You’re paralyzed. ‘Cause this is thriller”.It may be thirty-five years since this iconic track was first released, but Thrillerremains the perfect party song for Halloween. And that’s not all the good folk at Trent Park Country Club have lined up for their mega Halloween Thriller Ball: singalong with […]