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Your essential guide to vitamins and minerals

Our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals to work properly and stay healthy. These nutrients help turn food into fuel, fortify bones, tissues and eyesight, produce skin, and enable the body to carry out hundreds of other vital functions. Most of our nourishment comes from eating a balanced diet, but there are occasions […]

Caring for infants 0-12 months

Parents are always looking for their child’s next smile, laugh, and coo – reassurances that all is well. It can be bewildering to see these small, fragile beings distressed and not know what is wrong with them. Yet most are due to common ailments that are easy to remedy. Constipation Stools are a good indicator […]

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Full list of T-VINE Magazine stockists

See below for a list of where to pick up your free copy of T-VINE Magazine, now out quarterly. Or subscribe  and have the magazine delivered direct.   CENTRAL LONDON Fifth Avenue Shoe Repairers, 41 Goodge Street, Fitzrovia W1T 2PY TRNC Consulate, 29 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury WC1B 3EG Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, 10 Maple […]

Travelling? Stay protected against malaria

Every year many hundreds of British travellers unwittingly catch malaria. In some cases, if the disease is not diagnosed and treated promptly, it can be fatal. A single bite is all it takes to become infected. Malaria is a parasitic disease. The parasite, known as plasmodium, is transmitted by a female anopheles mosquito biting its […]

Losing weight safely this summer

Summer time means wearing fewer layers, but also becoming more body-conscious. Few people are blessed with having a high metabolic rate, allowing them to burn off whatever they eat. The vast majority of us will put on weight if our intake of daily calories goes up, while our physical activity levels remain the same or […]