Turkish Cypriot artist Ayshia Muezzin’s collaborative new art project on display in Suffolk and Hannover

Multimedia artwork involving British Turkish Cypriot artist Ayshia Muezzin has opened in a new collective exhibition, Inner Projections, at konnektor in Hannover, Germany.

Intermedia artist Muezzin has teamed up with Italian conceptual painter Daniele Bongiovanni to create OrbiLux, a collaborative video art piece. It was created “as a response to digitise painting and visualise the connection between the physical, social, and metaphysical/digital realm”.

With people’s pre-occupation with the digital realm, OrbiLux explores this phenomenon in an ethereal manner by using multi-layering techniques, CG character design, and conceptual painting.

The same piece is also on show at Fox Yard Studio in Suffolk, England, as part of The Great Sublime exhibition.

Muezzin, who is regarded as one of Cyprus’ top 50 artists, has previously exhibited her work at the Yunus Emre Institute and IKCU Art Festival in Izmir. See below for her full bio.

Exhibition details

Title: Inner Projections

Date: Saturday 7 October to Sunday 22 October 2023

Opening hours: Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 4–7pm.

Venue: konnektor – Forum für Künste  Kötnerholzweg 11, 30451 Hannover, Germany

Admission: free, click here for the venue website

Title: The Great Sublime

Date: Friday 22 September to Thursday 12 October 2023

Opening hours: enquire with venue for details

Venue: Fox Yard Studio, 6 Old Fox Yard, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1AB

Admission: free, click here for the venue website

Intermedia artist Ayshia Muezzin and Italian conceptual painter Daniele Bongiovanni’s collaborative video art piece OrbiLux on display at The Great Sublime, Fox Yard Studio, Suffolk, Oct. 2023

About Ayshia Muezzin

 Born in 1986, Ayshia Müezzin is a British Turkish Cypriot intermedia artist who has spent most of her life in Girne, in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, where she attended high school and began her artistic career.

She returned to the UK to pursue a degree in Intermedia Art at the University of Edinburgh, where she graduated with a first class degree, followed by the Edinburgh College of Art where she attained a Master of Fine Arts for Contemporary Art Practices.

The talented artist has received a multitude of awards in her career, including the 2017 Scotrail Art & Culture Fund by Scotrail and Foundation Scotland; the 2018 University of Edinburgh and EUSA Impact Awards; and the Travel to Italy 2018 Award from The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust to show performance art in Italy during the Venice Architecture Biennale. Müezzin also received the Contemporary Art Practice Award in 2020.

Her projects have featured on the BBC Timeline Series and Hyperallergic.

Müezzin encompasses the concept of Meta-Archaeology based on her diverse background. She also focuses on the forgotten and strange Cypriot bird-faced goddesses, which are found in Cyprus, Egypt, Anatolia and Levant regions.

Ayshia Muezzin working in her studio, 2017

Her practice spans a multitude of techniques like building performative sculptures, expressive abstract and figurative mixed-media pieces using paint, pastels and pen, digital art, moving image, VR world-building, printmaking, installation, web-based and Livestream/VR/Crypto-performance art and Blockchain NFT culture.

Within her pieces Müezzin uses techniques like ‘aesthetic corruption’, glitch, 2D, 3D modelling software, AI and data-bending, which interplay with both sides of technology through mixing digital with analogue to create the artefacts of the future through archaeological extension.

Müezzin’s diverse artworks have been shown in art exhibitions and festivals all round the world including: IKCU Art Festival, Izmir, Türkiye; Zhongjie Museum of Art, Zhongjie, China; Highbrow Institute, Wien, Austria; SUPH Art Space, Bangkok Design Week, Thailand; Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand; Edinburgh Art Festival, UK; Surfaces Festival, Venice, Italy; Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, USA; Screen-print Biennial, USA; Transcultural Exchange in Boston, USA; Dfbrll8r Gallery at Zhou B Art Centre, Chicago, USA; Taos Centre for the Arts, New Mexico; Glasgow International Art Festival, UK; Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen; Zembla Gallery, Scotland; Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok, Thailand; Galerie XY, Olomouc, Czech Republic; and MoWNA Biennial, New York. She has featured in many virtual exhibitions.

You can learn more about Ayshia Müezzin from her website – click here.