Unite Cyprus Now to form human chain across the divide to keep Cyprus Talks alive


News about the prospect of a permanent collapse in the Cyprus Talks has pushed pro-solution civil society organisations into immediate action. Tomorrow, Saturday 27 May, Unite Cyprus Now, a group comprising both Greek and Turkish Cypriots, has announced it will form a human chain across the divided capital in Lefkoşa at the Ledras/Lokmacı buffer zone at 11am.

The group is inviting all “individuals, groups and peace forces across the island” to join them in this symbolic act, which they describe as a call to the leaders “to unite Cyprus now without further delays”.

In their statement, the group states that,

“We are the children of generations, who have never seen peace in this country. We are the parents of children who deserve better days. We are Cypriots, who believe that the current situation is shameful!

“We are Cypriots, who know that Cyprus will be better, stronger, wealthier and safer united rather than divided. We are Cypriots, who cannot remain as bystanders as the leaders let the chance of peace slip away.”

They added: “We demand solution. We demand peace. We demand a reunited island. We will not give up. We will not sit back. #UniteCyprusNow”.