Akıncı and Eroğlu to go head-to-head in TRNC Presidential run-off on Sunday

There was no outright winner from yesterday’s Presidential Elections in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. A total of seven candidates stood and as predicted, none could pass the fifty percent threshold to avoid a run-off.

The top two candidates, incumbent Derviş Eroğlu from the TRNC political right and backed by the National Unity Party (UBP) and Democrat Party, and left-wing candidate Mustafa Akıncı, the former head of the Communal Democrat Party (TDP) between them polled 55% of the vote. They will now fight it out in a second round vote that will take place this Sunday, 26 April 2015.

Some 62.34% of the TRNC electorate turned out to vote yesterday, down on previous elections. The results for the top four were far closer than predicted, with Kudret Özersay making the biggest leap given his earlier poll standing of 7%.

The TRNC Presidential elections – stats and results from the first round vote on 19 April 2015

  • Total number of ballot boxes: 693
  • Size of TRNC electorate: 176,916
  • Total number of voters in first round of TRNC Presidential elections: 110,298
  • Percentage of electorate who voted: 62.34%

Total votes and voting share for each candidate

  • Derviş Eroğlu: 30,356 – 28.18% (go through to second round vote)
  • Mustafa Akıncı: 29,006 – 26.92% (go through to second round vote)
  • Sibel Siber: 24,287 – 22.54%
  • Kudret Özersay: 22,873 – 21.23%
  • Arif Salih Kırdağ: 531 – 0.49%
  • Mustafa Onurer: 423 – 0.39%
  • Mustafa Ulaş: 256 – 0.24%

Assessing the voting for each of the TRNC’s five districts, Akıncı came top in three and Eroğlu in the remaining two. Akıncı received the greatest share of votes in the capital Lekfoşa with 31.27%, while Özersay beat Eroğlu into second place on 23.23%. In the TRNC’s second biggest district, Eroğlu topped the voting in Mağusa, with Siber second and Akıncı fourth.

In a tight contest in Girne, Akıncı polled the most votes, followed by Özersay and then Eroğlu with less than 2% between the top three candidates. Akıncı won in Güzelyurt, some 1.5% ahead of Eroğlu. However the incumbent romped home in İskele on 37.47%.

A full breakdown of the district voting results are available via Yeni Düzen.