British Turks: use your vote to punish those who promote anti-Turkish policy and sentiments

Local Elections are taking place across many parts of the UK today, with polling stations open until 10pm.

If you have already voted, well done! If you’ve not, please do!

Not only is it important that you exercise your democratic voice, it’s also important for the standing of the British Turkish community that we make our presence and preferences felt at the ballot box.

We are not going to be taken seriously by the main political parties until more of us take part in the democratic process.

Punish anti-Turkish candidates

Be mindful of where you cast your vote today when fulfilling your civic duty.

In the past four years, we’ve sought to highlight the actions of politicians and parties which have discriminated against or used hateful or insulting language about British Turks and our ancestral homelands of Turkiye, North Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

Sadly the often passive and in many cases non-response of existing councillors of Turkish heritage has meant their political colleagues and parties have not been challenged over the blatant anti-Turkish racism we have all witnessed.

Make your feelings felt at the ballot box by punishing those who promote anti-Turkish policies and sentiments.

Can we break 2018 records?

To all the candidates from our community who are standing, good luck!

We have excellent candidates in all three main parties, with many familiar faces re-standing alongside a host of new people seeking selection.

We broke records in 2018 when 39 councillors of Turkish heritage were elected as councillors.

Let’s hope for another record-breaking result in 2022.