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Çiğdem Aslan, Tahir Palalı and special guests to present ‘Anatolia Echoes’ at Camden’s Green Note

Musical storytelling is central to the Alevi faith, with mystical poems and musical ballads (deyisler, nefesler) being orally passed down from generation to generation over many centuries. These traditional folk songs, which can be heard all across Anatolia (modern Turkiye), pay homage to the core philosophy of Alevism, which is based on love, tolerance and […]

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Pianist Ruya Taner and Saxophonist Kürşat Başar will be giving a free concert at St James’s Church

Two Turkish classical music virtuous, pianist Rüya Taner and saxophonist Kürşat Başar, will be giving a free recital at St James’s Church in Piccadilly, central London, later this month. Regarded as one of the finest pianists of her generation, 53-year-old Turkish Cypriot Rüya made her debut at The Wigmore Hall in London, and went on […]

Brighton and Hove Amnesty group to screen The Decree and discuss the impact of the 2016 Turkish coup attempt

An attempted coup in Turkiye on 15 July 2016 resulted in huge repercussions for thousands of ordinary civilians in the country who suddenly found themselves targeted. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued an emergency decree in the wake of the failed coup resulted in over 160,000 public sector workers and civil servants being instantly fired […]

Elixir Festival 2024: enjoy an uplifting evening of Anatolian music from singer-songwriter Olcay Bayır

Singer-songwriter Olcay Bayır is one of the UK’s foremost artists of Alevi and Kurdish origin. Her the Anatolian songbook is inspired with the rich musical tapestry that spans Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian and Greek, fused with the sounds of the Mediterranean and Balkans, including flamenco and rebetiko. Live at Paddington’s Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene’s […]

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Turkish Cypriot pop star Buray adds London leg to his 2024 European Tour

Lefkoşa born singer-songwriter Buray has rarely been out of the Turkish charts since releasing his critically acclaimed debut album 1 Şişe Aşk [1 Bottle of Love] in 2015, which scored him two number hits “İstersen” and “Sen Sevda Mısın”, and won him multiple awards and a legion of fans. Buray has gone on to release […]

Tottenham the location for the UK’s first Turkish Fashion and Arts Festival

April will see the UK’s first ever Turkish Fashion and Arts Festival, where designers of Turkish descent and those incorporating Turkish elements into their collections will showcase their diverse creations on the runway at this one day event. The shows will take place at The Engine Room in Tottenham, North London, in the evening, followed […]

Turkish artists showcase artworks that ‘vibrate with colour’ in Miart Gallery London’s latest exhibition Chroma

Chroma – from Greek khrōma – measures the intensity of colour, meaning that the most chromatically intense colours are completely free from white and grey. Colours, in their pure form, have a potential to communicate extremes of thought and emotion. From Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism, artists have been obsessed with the mysteries of colour for […]