Experience the mesmerizing world of Dede Efendi’s Ottoman classical music later this month

Dede Efendi was one of the greatest composers of the Ottoman era and later this month, Londoners will have the chance to immerse themselves in his timeless compositions.

Hammâmîzâde İsmâil Dede Efendi, to give the composer his full name, was born in Istanbul in 1778. A luminary in the world of Turkish classical music, he left an indelible mark as a composer, ney player, and vocalist.

Dede Efendi developed his artistry under the expert guidance of first Uncuzade Mehmet Emin Efendi and later Ali Nutkî Dede of the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge in 1798. It was at this lodge that Dede Efendi drew the attention of Ottoman Sultan Sultan III, helping to establish him among the favored composers of the time.

A musical genius, Dede Efend’s legacy endures through the survival of nearly 300 of his compositions. They can be heard in a wide range of settings, from mystical Mevlevi rituals to secular tunes, standing the testament to his enduring influence on Turkish classical music.

January’s concert at St Mary’s Church in Islington will bring together four virtuosos, who collectively will create a harmonious blend of Dede Efendi’s most renowned compositions.

The ensemble comprises of Baha Yetkin (ud and vocals), Serdar Yilmaz (kanun), Alexandros Koustas (classical kemenche) and Muammer Sağlam (percussion).

This concert is being organised under the auspices of the Yunus Emre Institute London with the support of Turkish Airlines.

Concert Details

Title: “Dede Efendi” Classical Turkish Concert

Date: Wednesday 24 January 2024

Time:  7pm to 9pm

Venue:  St. Mary’s Church, Upper Street, London N1 2TX

Admission: General Admission £10; Student/concessions £7

Tickets: available online via Eventbrite – click here