Father and daughter duo Sedat and Ezo Sarıcı to headline Açık Gazete North London fundraiser concert in November

Faruk Eskioğlu is one of the most respected writers and journalists from the UK’s Turkish speaking community. Originally from Turkiye, Eskioğlu set up online Turkish newspaper Açık Gazete in 2004 to give an independent voice to stories ignored by mainstream Turkish media. That voice is more important today than ever.

As an ethical newspaper, Açık Gazete takes a principled line on advertisements, refusing those from sectors that it deems harmful to society, such as gambling. It is mainly supported by local small businesses from the Turkish speaking community, whose online banner ads help keep the publication afloat. The paper also runs an annual fundraiser asking the public to support it directly.

This year, renowned musician and composer Sedat Sarıcı will be performing in aid of Açık Gazete, accompanied by his equally brilliant musical daughter, the classically trained violinist, Ezo Sarıcı, also known as “Harika Genç” [‘The Young Wonder’].

Billed as Baba Gız Kuşak Çatışması [‘Father Daughter Generational Clash’], this special fundraising concert will take place at DAYMER’s Tottenham venue on Sunday, 6 November.

The repertoire for the evening from this father and daughter duo will include everything from Turkish folk music to jazz classics, and memorable compositions ranging from Paganini to Aşık Mahzuni.

“Together, we will be witnessing an unforgettable concert,” said Açık Gazete’s founder and editor Faruk Eskioğlu about the upcoming event.

Commenting on his paper’s ability to continue operating as an independent publication, Eskioğlu said: “So far, we have been successful to survive as an independent Turkish newspaper. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we are free.

“We are able to publish by forcing the legal borders drawn around us. Due to being outside of the [Turkish] government-controlled media, we remain under both financial and spiritual siege. As of late, they are trying to silence us with the ‘censorship law’. We want to see our readers and friends beside us in our resistance.”

“This concert will raise our spirits and give us strength for resistance,” said Eskioğlu, adding, “I would like to thank the Sarıcı family, DAY MER and all our friend for their support in advance.”

Concert tickets are £15 per person and can only be purchased from the door on the night, though do arrive early as the venue capacity is just 80 people. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks will also be available to purchase from the venue on the night.

About Sedat Sarıcı and Ezo Sarıcı

Ankara-born Sedat Sarıcı has been in the UK since 1989. He studied music at Goldsmiths College and has gone on to serve as a musical director of many fringe theatre and dance projects, composing his own material to complement contemporary live performances.

His compositions have been performed in Turkiye, where they been popularised by mainstream artists, and by artists in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and North America. His band, ARTEAST, have toured internationally playing a fusion of Anatolian Jazz Rock. He is also a music teacher and band workshop leader in schools and universities in London and in Germany.

Eskioğlu states that Sedat Sarıcı, aged 61, has “imbued a love for music in thousands of young people”.

Sarıcı’s daughter Ezo is also a remarkable musician, who is destined for great things. From a musical family (her mother is guitarist Suzan Beyazit), Ezo is currently in her third year of studying violin at the Royal Academy of Music. Four years ago, this talented young musician helped found the Apollo Philharmonic Orchestra from players aged 18-20. Today its roster comprises of some 60 members.

Ezo has already won many awards, most recently at Italy’s Lipizer International Violin Competition in September, where she was presented with the Most Artistic Performance award.

Concert Details 

Date: Sunday 6 November 2022

Concert Start Time: 8pm

Venue: DAY-MER Tottenham, 22 Moorefield Road, Tottenham, London N17 6PY

Tickets: Concert tickets are £15 per person, available from the door on the night